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What You can found in the town of Edipsos for your convenience.

We collected the most of the necessary information you will need before, during, and after your visit to Edipsos.

The distance of our hotel from the city Aidipsos is just 2km.

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”58B8F0″]BANKS[/sws_highlight]

National Bank of Greece

Omirou 1,
Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: +302226 0 25001

Piraeus Bank

Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: +302226 0 23377

Alpha Bank

Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: +302226 0 69190

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”DBF058″]POST OFFICE[/sws_highlight]

Post office Edipsos

Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: +302226 0 22252

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”F7E162″]PHARMACIES[/sws_highlight]

There are 8 Pharmacies in the city of Aedipsou and during the summer months operate summer schedule. There is also still a pharmacy in the village Edipsos.

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”62BCF7″]PORT AUTHORITY[/sws_highlight]

Port Authority Edipsos

Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: +302226 0 22464

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”7362F7″]POLICE STATION[/sws_highlight]

Police station Edipsos

Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: 302226 0 22456

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”59C45E”]HYDROTHERAPY CENTER[/sws_highlight]

Hydrotherapy center with Pool – Bathtubs

Edipsos, 34300 Evia
Tel: +302226 0 23501, 2226 0 23502

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”C4B559″]DINING – RESTAURANTS[/sws_highlight]

In this area you have too many choices. Taverns, restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops, self service, raki, ouzo, grills await your to enjoy.

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”71F505″]MEDICAL CENTER[/sws_highlight]

Medical Center Istiea

Istiea (20 klm from Edipsos), 34200 Evia
Tel: +302226 3 50100