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Agios Nikolaos is a magnificent area north of Loutra Aidipsos, where the green and the deep blue sea creating an idyllic landscape. The bay of St. Nicholas opens to the visitor with endless golden beaches and crystal clear waters, invite you to enjoy. Noteworthy is that the sandy beaches and clear blue waters are offered in abundance at no cost. Tourists enjoying vacations that combine fun with the rest, the diverse activities with relaxation and delights the warm hospitality of the locals.
The love and care of residents has created a remarkable tourist resort which can cover all the needs of the visitor.
The area offers a wide range of accommodation including hotels, studios, rooms and apartments with various amenities that meet all the demands of tourists at very reasonable prices. Also operate traditional taverns where you can taste fresh fish of economic B. Evian Gulf and delicious ouzo by the sea, and choose dishes from the rich Greek cuisine. Still, there are grills that offer local meat, pizzeria, cafes, snack bars and bakeries, and mini – market, a kiosk where you can find products for their daily needs. It is important that all the distances are very close together, and is available free parking anywhere in the area.
In Agios Nikolaos you can spend pleasurable holidays alone, in company with friends or family. For the little ones there is a playground for the more adventurous rent equipment for water sports. Jewel of the area is the I. Church of St. Nicholas, which remains open all day and operates during the summer months every Thursday, a day dedicated to St. Nicholas.
Approximately 1,000 meters is the village Edipsos where there are several shops as bakery, butcher and pharmacy. Furthermore operates a community clinic. Of course, the center of the watering is less than two kilometers, where has private doctors in most specialties, banks, post office etc. Within walking distance there is a health center staffed with qualified personnel. Moving can become comfortable with private cars as the whole area is paved, but also by bus.


If you find yourself in Evia you can visit the Archaeological Collection exposed in the hall of the EOT spa Center where there are many treasures unearthed from the excavations of specialists from the area nearby.
The Little Parlement is an institution of Edipsos, giving daily color with lively discussions over politics, where people daily solve problems and talk about the government.
Other attractions are the old spa of St. Anargyroi, a neoclassical architectural jewel gracing with his presence and reminds times when the resort of Edipsos dominated the Mediterranean. Also one of the best preserved finds of Roman baths is the Cave of Sylla behind EOT Spa Center.
Finally noteworthy is the City Hall of Edipsos, of neoclassical era, which served as a high school before City Hall.
The thermal waters at Edipsos beach is a gift from the goods for the region since the therapeutic properties relieve and rejuvenate, the thermal waters are located across the southern entrance of Edipsos.

Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou
Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou
Loutra Edipsos Iamatika Nera Piges
Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou
Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou
Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou
Limani Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou
Aidipsos - Loutra Edipsou


Across North Evia coastline constantly alternates. Rocky beaches, big or small pebble beaches or imitating exotic islands with fine sand. It is no coincidence then, that so many visitors choose Evia for their summer destination.
The West side has calm waters, warm enough and light blue, perfect for families and all ages, are among the cleanest in Greece.
The north side has deeper waters with low currents which constantly maintain the waters cool and clean.
On the east side the landscape changes, with our look on the Aegean sea, the waters are deep blue, with strong waves several times, with sandy beaches.

Edipsos Beaches and Healing Waters: You can swim in the sandy beach of Edipsos with the hot springs that run from the Thermal Rock. The Characteristic of the beaches in Edipsos, is the rocky beaches alternating on a pebble and sand, with warm waters. Ideal for families because the waters are relatively shallow and without currents.

Agios Nikolaos: With the crystal clear waters and fine sand. Here, in the taverns by the sea, you will enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

Beach Ilia: That little fishing village is waiting you to taste the seafood of Evia and swim in the turquoise beach with pebbles.

Fteri – Riviera: Is an organized beach with a beach bar, and great long sandy beach. Ideal place for families and younger ages.

Porto Pefko: Through the pines, with fine sand and organized beach bar, is for those who want to embrace the bay overlooking the town of Edipsos, in crystal clear deep waters.

Milos Beach: A dream landscape, crystal clear waters, peace where the green pines meet the blue sea.

Xrisi Akti: True to its name, Golden Beach is a fine white gold sand, one of the best beaches. Enjoy your coffee at the beach bar and for the more adventurous there are water sports.

Kavos – Lichadonisia: The Seychelles of Greece, as many call it. Those small volcanic islands attract visitors and small boats. With a very good beach bar you can spend an unforgettable time of relaxation.

Agiokambos: At the port Agiokampos will find well organized beach bar. Fine sand, cool waters and turquoise color.

Nisiotissa – Orei: Passing Pirgos village, we find the beach Nisiotissa, big impression makes us the fine golden sand, and the island was once joined to the mainland.

Tsoukaiti – Kanatadika: The great length, the cool waters and the many Beach bars are the reasons that make this beach so well known.

Pefki: One of the most famous beaches of North Evia, due to its large size, fine sand and the port that connects Evia Skiathos – Skopelos.

Psaropouli – Ellinika: After Gouves road alternated with pines and olives as graphic Agriovotano with nice views. From here we will meet Ellinika to descend to the sandy beach of Agios Nikolaos and its small island. A little further, we find the beach Psaropouli the extensive sandy beach and the many restaurants.