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Medical hot springs of Edipsos

Loutra Edipsos Iamatika Nera PigesThe exploitation of the hot springs started in 1887. In the area there are almost 60 springs, with water temperature from 34 to 71,2 C. The sulphur hot springs of Edipsos are among the hottest in Europe. The hot water springs from the big Gut of the North Euboean Gulf. The new spa of the Greek Tourism Organisation offers all the modern spa techniques. Apart from that, there are also the private spas that cover the needs of the tourists that operate in hotels or other areas, either in swimming pools or tubs. The nature itself offers spa as well. Hot springs inside the sea can be found at the public beach and it is a unique phenomenon. On the dark-green rocky coasts visitors can see sulfur water coming out of ground or falling from high cliffs. The municipal beach is ideal for those who want to combine balneotherapy with swimming. Bathing can help improve the symptoms of several conditions, such as rheumatologic diseases, chronic osteoarthritis, spondyloarthritis and other conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Edipsos is also suitable for women with gynecological conditions. Baths can be taken in the sea (semi-hot), in pools or in single tubs with or without massaging jets. The choice depends on each visitor’s taste and medical record. Before taking any balneotherapy sessions, each visitor must be examined by a doctor, who will measure their blood pressure and recommend them a form of hydrotherapy that will not aggravate any pre-existing health problems. Balneotherapy is not recommended for people with chronic diseases of the circulatory system (such as phlebitis), injuries in the inflammatory stage, hearts diseases or respiratory conditions. In order to ensure the beneficial effects of balneotherapy, certain precautions must be taken: first of all, you must exposure to different temperatures during the treatment. There is obviously no use in taking hot baths, if you do not stay away from air-conditioners and cold drafts. Kinesiotherapy performed in the water is also very important. As far as the kind, duration and intensity of the exercises are concerned, please consult your doctor or physical therapist, who knows your health record. In the first days of balneotherapy you may feel tired and your symptoms may be aggravated, but later there will be definite improvement. Personal hygiene makes absolutely no difference in the effects of balneotherapy and, contrary to the popular belief, the salt must not stay on your skin. 30 minutes of bathing each day are enough. You will not benefit more from doing double sessions, which can actually have a negative effect, since your body needs rest and proper nourishment to make the most out of the treatment.

The Spa of the GTO

EOT Pisina Ydrotherapeftirio Loutra EdipsouThe spa of the GTO in Loutra, Edipsos, offers numerous balneotherapy options using modern techniques. It has 84 single tubs with massaging jets, an indoor pool for kinesiotherapy, special tubs for bathing the extremities, tubs special designed for people with discopathy or cervical syndrome. The spa also has physical therapy facilities, where electrotherapy and inhalation therapy can be performed, manual and electrical massage tables and a gym. There is also an outdoor pool offering the visitors the opportunity to bathe in spa or sea water.

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