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The official date of establishment is 1670, whereas according the local tradition the Monastery was established in the 13th century.
It is built at an altitude of 450 m. on the Mount Valantion, having a wonderful view to the northern Euboean Gulf, northeast of the sea village Ilia, at a distance of 13 km from the Baths at Edipsos.
The monastery flourished during the first centuries of its life.
Following the sophisticated system, up to 300 monks lived there as ascetics in huts and “monk-houses”, according to the local tradition. These monks attended the Sunday services and the services of the great feasts at the Church of St. George, that was built according to the cross-shaped architecture, with elaborate temple of mid-17th century, full of depictions and scenes from the Holy Scripture and wonderful pictures of the 16th and 17th century.
The Monastery was a place of recourse and protection for many Christians, even scientists, during the hard times of the German Occupation.
It is very famous among the residents of the wider area.
It was a male monastery for several centuries, until 1970, when it was turned into a female monastery during the years of the Metropolite of Halkida, Nikolaos (Selentis).
The current sorority managed to renovate and smarten up the monastery’s premises, under the guidance of the Reverend Mother Pelagia along with the full support of many pilgrims.
Over the last years, began the construction of a new large Church of St. Nina.
The holy relics of the following Saints are treasured up: George, Marina, Mamas and Kiriaki.
It is worth mentioning that the Monastery of Ilia conceded in 1980 to the Holy Metropolis, a surface of 46 stremmas in the area “Taxiarchis of ilia”, where the modern camp of the Holy Metropolis was established and opened since 2000, hosting approximately 800 children every year.

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