Edipsos Public Thermal Springs
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Loutra Edipsou
North Evia

The current spa town of Edipsos has developed into a modern tourist resort, able to satisfy all the requuirements of the “emperors” of our time. The ferries with continuous itineraries that are thickering during the summer have become a real bridge of handling of thousands of visitors of the city and North Evia from all parts of Greece

Thermal waters that for 3000 years offer to swimmers, theraphy, wellness and psychosomatic rehabilitation. Huge is also the variety of food and entertainment centers, witch operate both in the spa, and the wider region. Excellent restaurants with local meats and traditional cooking method can find visitors in both resort and the village of Edipsos few km from the city Loutra Edipsos.

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The thermal springs of Edipsos

The springs of Edipsos are more than 80. The composition of the waters and their high temperature has a particularly healing effect on the human body. Archaeological finds have shown that the area from which the waters gush had aroused the interest of the first prehistoric people.

The geological and paleontological history of the area is very long, since a fossil-bearing site of mammals has been identified. The sources have been known for at least 20,000 years. The water temperature ranges from 28οC to 86οC. Water is rich in trace elements of calcium, magnesium and iron. Their properties are of great interest.

The main group of these springs is scattered in different parts of the city, from where the thermal water is channeled through canals to all the hydrotherapy centers of the city. On some beaches swimmers have the opportunity to swim in semi-warm sea waters. The thermal springs gush from the seabed, significantly increasing the temperature of the sea water.

Thus, the kinesiotherapy of swimming can be combined with the beneficial effects offered by the thermal waters.

In addition to the water baths, there are the famous mud baths, which are done in special hydrotherapy centers. The mud can be used topically or with a total body coating. For complementary therapy, experts also recommend water therapy with drinking water sources.

This water is extremely beneficial for digestion. The School of Dentistry of the University of Athens, after research, observes that the waters of the Edipsos area, in addition to other beneficial effects on human health, have healing properties for oral health problems.

The thermal action of the waters covers a wide range of diseases, such as rheumatism, back pain and sciatica, migraines, tendonitis, vascular diseases and many more.

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